Grape Crinkle

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Grape Crinkle is simply a trichome factory, she basically begins to put out frost on her fans from the time she shows sex, and just doesn't let up after that.

Complete cycle time: 55-65 days from sprout
Per plant yield in a 9 plant to 600w HPS arrangement, Potsize:15L, medium: Organic Soil: 40-75 grams
Size: 50-70cm in height
Aroma: Creamy fruit yoghurt, to Artificial concentrated grape flavouring
Taste: Fruity supremely paletable, hints of flowers, mulled wine and christmas spices.
Medicinal Benefits: Powerful Pain and stress reliever
Effect; Medicinal, smooth and balanced to sooth both body and mind.
Flower Density: 7.0 / 10
Best Suited For Growing: Indoor
Extract Returns: TBA
Cannabinoids: TBA
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